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I played your game in my backrooms horror games video! Yours is the 15th game in the video if you're interested in my opinions. Thanks for making it!

Hey! Thanks for playing. This game is almost 4 years old and hasn't been updated since. We've recently come back to it and we are reworking it into a new game with a new approach, you can find out more on this page!

4 years?!?! I have no idea how I didn't notice that lol. I'll check out the new game, thanks!

is it DEMO, right???

no me puedo mover...en la portada parece un buen juego pero no lo puedo jugar lastimosamente, no se que sea este bug, el juego inicia bien en el nivel 0, pero ya despues del texto, cuando suena el PUM y te manda directo al nivel 0, no me puedo mover, solo funciona el click, E y Q, y esc, he probado con wasd y todas las letras del teclado

It definitely has potential

I was stoked to see the smoke person, but then they were gone...... 

its just a demo so I cant complain, looking forward to the next levels!

*The Backrooms 2 (2022) The Movie*


Nice Game!

this is a scary ass game!!! and who better to watch then me?...

Soooo uhh, yeah the footage didn't work

But from what I played it interesting and looking forward to the other levels in the future


It's a shame that this was discontinued, the textures and the atmosphere are among the best verions of the Backrooms games imo

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Can you add a practice mode where there are no monsters?

this is feedback



project is descontinued

I am giving you feedback. Please continue project.


im not the creator, the creator post on topics


Please tell creator that i gave him feed back.




how about a mac version


good idea

Deleted 125 days ago

No, this is not from any Open Source Kit. This game was made and programmed entirely from scratch in the Unity engine.


This game was also published way before the other project was made open source.

man pls continue the game

man pls continue the game

i've preordered the game


this is from the Open Source kit from IEP_Esy 


I really love the design and effects in this version of the backrooms. The constant noises and increasing ringing really starts to get at you, and the massive area leaves you wandering lost. Plus if you come across it at a weird time it's really startling.